Monday, August 29, 2011

Jar of Hearts

There have been a handful of purchases from my Etsy shop and I'm incredibly thankful and grateful for the love. This duo is heading to Victoria tomorrow :)

Gentle blossoms, sold 28 August 2011
Gentle Blossoms @

I haven't painted since returning to full time work in June and am feeling quite guilty about that. I have however been getting back to playing the piano, so technically, I'm still being creative. And when I'm being creative, I'm happy *beam*

For most, a car would be their first big purchase. I always knew that I wanted to spend my first pay cheque on a piano, a baby grand, to be specific. When the time came, I couldn't justify spending big on a baby grand, and it wouldn't fit in the tiny unit I was renting anyway. I came across an Alex Steinbach, loved its sound, its shape, the glossy black; signed up for a 5-year repayment plan... and yes, I spent those years without a car :)

I've been hearing plenty of Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri on the radio and wanted do a cover of it. I love the energy, strength and raw emotion in the song, it's the kind of song that grabs at my heart and soul when I play it on the piano. Oh and I totally love the desaturated music video

I use piano notes and guitar tabs as a guide only, as I'm too impatient to read piano scores and play them exactly as they're written. No two songs I play are ever exactly the same as I make the notes up as I go along. I let my fingers do the talking and I get to surprise myself every time! So here's my take on the song, complete with slip ups.
Because there is nothing wrong with imperfection. 

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunday morning

Rain, please don't stop, I want to lie in bed, be drenched in your embrace and drown in your singing...

sleeping in

How glorious it is to have the luxury to sleep in on a rainy Sunday morning. 

Reminds me of being in the most comfortable bed ever, when I was housesitting not too long ago. I'll always remember being engulfed by layers of warmth as I listen to raindrops and the quiet breathing of the best little dog I've ever met.


110801 Day 42 asleep

110726 Day 36 happy

And here's a little song for this gorgeous Sunday morning. My first piano recording, bearing in mind that I haven't played the piano in about a year and I'm not a singer!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Happy sky

Dear Winter,

I'm so glad that you're back to your gorgeous self today :)

Over the past few weeks, you've blown my fence over (again) and threw hailstones at my car (yes, again). I also appreciate that you've surprised me with a pretty water feature, though I wish that you didn't put it inside my house.

But I forgive you.

Today, you've hugged me with sunshine and blue skies and I'm happier than I've been in a while.

winter sky
Thank you. You're awesome.