Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Lettuce craving

Yesterday I saw a sliver of lettuce poking out of a burger and I had an instant craving for it (the lettuce that is). So I got me some and devoured it like a crazed herbivore. 
Most satisfying.

And today I was googling dinasours and came across this...

111228 lettuce

Totally lol-ed :D

Monday, December 26, 2011

Weeding fail

So I was supposed to be weeding my jungle of a backyard...

111226 weeding fail

but I got happily sidetracked. 
I found goodies between the pavers

111226 weeding fail

111226 weeding fail

had plenty of dandelion seeds to set free

111226 weeding fail

succulents to savour

111226 weeding fail

and had a rolling-stone-gathers-no-moss moment.

111226 weeding fail

I also found 2 love birds

111226 weeding fail

and one very inquisitive cat!

111226 weeding fail

I'll weed tomorrow. Promise. For reals.

Patty cake!

This is (still!) my favourite video of all time so I'm sharing the love!

"Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa! STOP, STOP, I'm done. Its over!"
"No. It's not over. It's NEVER over."

patty cake patty caaake


Monday, September 12, 2011

Fine & dandy

Woke up today to find two artworks from my Dandelion series have sold, these are off to Alabama, USA :) Just yesterday I was standing in my backyard, in despair about my dandelion jungle. Not for long though, I then had a good ol' time blowing at all the seeds and sending them into the air; was very ethereal and woodsprite-ish. 

Oriental Dandy mark
Oriental Dandy

Simply Dandy mark
Simply Dandy

fruit toast and capI had my coffee hit at The Imp with super thick cut fruit toast and a generous supply of spread-friendly butter. 

I sat at the bar, looking out onto the cappuccino strip. This spot is excellent for people watching but no, I brought a magazine with me...I've always craved reading material when I eat. 

On my left was a fresh-faced girl in her early twenties and on my right, an equally gorgeous older lady, kinda Helen Mirren-like. I was sporting a china doll fringe and bright red lips, I was thinking we made that breakfast bar look quirky cool :)

The young girl is from Mauritius and is studying nutrition. She said that I looked familiar and asked if I hung out at My Place. I'm thinking I could check that place out next time I feel like a lychee martini.

When Helen Mirren's breaky arrived, OMG order envy! Wild mushrooms and goats cheese feta on turkish bread, with avocado on the side. She was very happy with her order and said that she particularly likes the feta. I said I particularly like that the turkish bread is served in the shape of a love heart. Her face lit up even more and I felt like I totally made a difference in her life. Ha.

In the afternoon, an experimental jam session with Moona. I like what we came up with, considering it's our first go with the song and we didn't have to try too hard.

Oh and helloooo there. What have we here. Another food pic. Curry laksa. Hit the spot. Like totally.

Curry laksa

Another darn good Sunday

Friday, September 2, 2011

Spring in my step

Had an accidental sleep-in this morning, but still made it to work in good time. A surprise morning tea was just what I needed :)

Corica apple strudel

At lunch, I enjoyed some pretty, crumbly, melty, sugary macarons from Brownhaus, in the 2 brightest colours available. A good friend offered encouragement, advice and understanding while I sipped on amazing dutch coffee.


Admired the Perth skyline as I headed back to work. Seriously, how gorgeous can this city be? It's sunny, sky is blue, grass is green and I can practically hear the first cherry blossoms bursting into blooms.


That night, I went to meet Alfred Dwight, a young tabby adopted from Cat Haven and a new addition to a family of four (two humans and two 10 year old kitties). He is such a pretty boy, has a healthy streak of ADHD and is utterly loveable. Cannot wait to babysit the three kitties next month!

better known as Alfie

I was fed a hearty home cooked meal of Sri Lankan chicken curry, dahl, veggies and paratha. My friends spoil me to bits :)


milesIt was a tough day at work and storm clouds eventually rolled in, followed by heavy rain. 
But nothing can dampen this first day of spring. 

A cuddle-filled night and lying next to this purring machine, I am feline the love.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Jar of Hearts

There have been a handful of purchases from my Etsy shop and I'm incredibly thankful and grateful for the love. This duo is heading to Victoria tomorrow :)

Gentle blossoms, sold 28 August 2011
Gentle Blossoms @

I haven't painted since returning to full time work in June and am feeling quite guilty about that. I have however been getting back to playing the piano, so technically, I'm still being creative. And when I'm being creative, I'm happy *beam*

For most, a car would be their first big purchase. I always knew that I wanted to spend my first pay cheque on a piano, a baby grand, to be specific. When the time came, I couldn't justify spending big on a baby grand, and it wouldn't fit in the tiny unit I was renting anyway. I came across an Alex Steinbach, loved its sound, its shape, the glossy black; signed up for a 5-year repayment plan... and yes, I spent those years without a car :)

I've been hearing plenty of Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri on the radio and wanted do a cover of it. I love the energy, strength and raw emotion in the song, it's the kind of song that grabs at my heart and soul when I play it on the piano. Oh and I totally love the desaturated music video

I use piano notes and guitar tabs as a guide only, as I'm too impatient to read piano scores and play them exactly as they're written. No two songs I play are ever exactly the same as I make the notes up as I go along. I let my fingers do the talking and I get to surprise myself every time! So here's my take on the song, complete with slip ups.
Because there is nothing wrong with imperfection. 

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunday morning

Rain, please don't stop, I want to lie in bed, be drenched in your embrace and drown in your singing...

sleeping in

How glorious it is to have the luxury to sleep in on a rainy Sunday morning. 

Reminds me of being in the most comfortable bed ever, when I was housesitting not too long ago. I'll always remember being engulfed by layers of warmth as I listen to raindrops and the quiet breathing of the best little dog I've ever met.


110801 Day 42 asleep

110726 Day 36 happy

And here's a little song for this gorgeous Sunday morning. My first piano recording, bearing in mind that I haven't played the piano in about a year and I'm not a singer!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Happy sky

Dear Winter,

I'm so glad that you're back to your gorgeous self today :)

Over the past few weeks, you've blown my fence over (again) and threw hailstones at my car (yes, again). I also appreciate that you've surprised me with a pretty water feature, though I wish that you didn't put it inside my house.

But I forgive you.

Today, you've hugged me with sunshine and blue skies and I'm happier than I've been in a while.

winter sky
Thank you. You're awesome.


Sunday, July 17, 2011

Morning on the beach

So I'm housesitting and totally loving it. The guest bed is a lush cloud so a little sleep-in is a must on this gorgeous Sunday morning. 

I hop out of bed only because I'm ravenous and have been looking forward to breakfast at John Street Cafe in Cottesloe. After the vegetarian lot and a coffee, I head down the street towards the beach.

John street
John St

Cottesloe beach


It's super sunny and it's really comforting in that sense, but I have to remind myself that it is the middle of winter and I hug myself against the chill as I stroll towards the groyne. I sit on the rocks for a while and stare at the blue green ocean and there's no where else I'd rather be. 


Seagulls swoosh past, waves crash around me and 2 dolphins swim past.


Taking the scenic route back to the car, I revel in the sand squishing between my toes and manage to get seaweed on my jeans. Good look :)

obligatory footprint shot

Vitamin D and happiness levels are back up and I think I'm ready for the working week ahead.

Monday, June 20, 2011


There is beauty in everything if you'll only stop for a moment to notice it. I love love love looking at photographs, exploring spaces, admiring landscapes, listening to nature, running my fingers over textures, picking up trinkets, smelling roses...just taking it all in and hoping to imprint it all in my brain.

I've bookmarked Pinterest as one of my go-to sites for my daily dose of beautiful and am really happy to find a couple of my paintings on it :)

Water dandy on Pinterest
Water Dandy on Etsy

Blanketed on Pinterest
Blanketed on Etsy

I always see something on Pinterest that makes my heart skip a beat. Here are some of my favourites from browsing today:

Source: via Joshua on Pinterest

Saturday, June 18, 2011


Today was grey, rainy and dreary, perfect for a warming brunch, followed by a trip to a new-found creative space. I whipped out the piggy scarf for a bit of playfulness :)

piggy scarf
Scarf: Ebay
: Supre

I love brekky/brunch at That Little Mexican Place. Today I had cafe de olla, churros con chocolate, some chorizo, and finished off with jalapenos rellenos. 

mexican brunch
tasted amazing. apologies re grainy mobile pics

The coffee is sweetened and steamed milk is available on the side, cute! The churros come with 3 dipping sauces...strawberry, caramel and favourite was strawberry (surprisingly) and I licked that clean ;) Jalapenos for breakfast? I'm a chili freak, chili freak, chilly freaky *to the tune of Super Freak*.

Then a visit to Venn, a shop + cafe & bar + gallery + studio.


This used to be an old factory, so naturally, I'm in love with the combination of brick walls, steel beams, wooden floorboards and concrete. 

Industrial architecture genius:
The shop area is slightly raised and features an expansive glass wall
Up some wooden stairs, a gallery where exhibitions are held
Glass panels provide a glimpse of studios on the lower level
Down the back, a bar and cafe with access to the roof terrace


The shop is filled with the interesting and innovative. Many goodies pulled at my heartstrings but I couldn't justify letting go of my purse strings.

fever tree soda
hardly a winter-appropriate drink :)

The bar and cafe is grey and modern, yet had a nice amount of warmth. 

And even though I could only peer into the artist studios, it was oozing creative energy and I hope that some of it rubbed off on me :) 

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Pamper sesh

salonI purchased a discount voucher for a hair pamper pack at Element Aveda Concept in Subiaco and have been looking forward to it since making my appointment in January. My hair is in bad shape and today couldn't come soon enough.

At the salon, my session started with a Blue Oil head and shoulder massage. The scent from the oil was completely unexpected; it was an instant pick me up and the massage melted the week's stresses away. Glorious.

Next, hair colour. I wanted a warm yummy chocolatey colour for winter so on it went. Half an hour later, I plonked myself on the shampoo chair. Well it was more like a massaging lounge chair, I was nearly reclining and didn't have to crank my neck back very much at all. Here's the best bit...the scalp conditioning treatment/massage went on for what seemed like forEVER. Bliss.
By then I realised that my parking ticket would expire before I'm done here...well I thought that allowing for 2 hours was plenty. Anyway, I was having too much fun to worry about that. My hair was swiftly and expertly cut (I got my fringe back, yay!) and I had a hand massage at the end of that. Incredible.
new hair resize copy
blurry shine

Today, sitting in front of a mirror for nearly 3 hours, I realised that I no longer give myself grief over my imperfections and flaws, perceived or otherwise. I still whinge about them but instead of wishing that they weren't this or that, I now tell myself that sure, it sucks balls but it could be way worse. As my makeup was touched up at the end of the session, I say a little thank you for concealer and bright lipstick :)

I stepped out onto the stylish streets of Subi and lap up the winter sun. Man I love Perth winters!

oh hi there, parking fine.


Friday, June 10, 2011

Cool sunnies

I was looking for something to eat for dinner and FINALLY found my sunnies.

cool sunnies
just chillin'

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Photo excursion - Chittering Valley

It's a public holiday and a perfectly sunny winter's day. The breeze is constant and the temperature is in the high teens.
This is just a snippet of Chittering Valley, an hour's drive north of Perth. 

overhead and underfoot
Blue skies and crunchy gravel

Smokey...loving the smell of wood fires

Vineyards. farms and orchards galore

yellow-y olive-y brown grey greens

Of cows and clouds
Epic clouds and cows

pretty prints

Rundown rusticness

Trigger happy, as usual. Photo credit: mattyp

I marvel at windmills, look out for lego-like tractors in the distance, spot some horses and catch a glimpse of an emu.