Tuesday, April 26, 2011

You never forget how to ride a bicycle

April has just flown by. Hang on...we're in April? 
Where has the time gone? 

I must've either been:
(a) extremely busy
(b) an awesome procrastinator
(c) having fun
(d) all of the above, or
(e) none of the above

The answer is more likely to be (b).

But I prefer (c).

Swan river
Mum loves seeing the water

Riverside drive
Going back in time

tree lined
Feels like I should be wearing a head scarf and huge sunnies a la Audrey Hepburn

Camera in hand, I'm relying on dad to keep us upright and dry :)

trees, sky and a quad bike
Mum and sis going way too fast


Fun. Brought to you by About Bike Hire.

Yeah, DEFINITELY prefer (c).

These boots are made for riding

At 6.17pm on 7th April, I drove away from Avonlea Farm Riding School with a heavy heart, I've just had my tenth and final riding lesson and will really miss spending Thursday evenings out in Darlington with Mac (horse), Tiff (trainer) and Amelia (fellow student). I'll also miss the five animals that I enjoy stumbling across - Chippy and Spike (cats), Penny (the hilarious goat), Bronte (kangaroo) and Sausage (dog). 


The sun sets earlier these days and unlike in the past couple of months, I'm no longer blinded for most of the drive home.

10th March, 6.18pm
10 March, 6.18pm

7th April, 6.18pm
7 April, 6.18pm


I look forward to riding again but for now, my jodhpurs and boots will be put away indefinitely...

Dublin boots

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Avatar series

Oel ngati kameie

Ok I'm back on track after Avatarising myself

I watched the lengthy movie twice in the last few days and picked out some scenes and characters for my Avatar Series on Etsy. That was the easy part.

Painting them was quite a challenge. None of them were turning out as I envisioned and the unpredictability of watercolour didn't help either. I'm pleasantly surprised at the end result though. *beam*

avatarised palette
Avatarised palette

Random thought: I think it's pretty cool that the Na'vi are blue, since the term Avatar is often associated with the blue-skinned Hindu God Vishnu.

Some lol material, Avahontas anyone?
Yes the storyline has been done to death in lots of movies but it's still a spectacular piece of filmmaking with amazing special effects. 

Bring on Avatar 2 :)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My avatar

I've been wanting to create paintings with an Avatar feel to it. I'm not into sci-fi and fantasy but I was in awe of the colours throughout the film, especially the blues and greens. Whilst googling for images to refresh my memory, I came across tutorials to create a Na'vi Avatar face. 

And that was it. 

I got sidetracked and was completely hooked on Avatarising myself, spending the next 12 hours engrossed in the task and almost turning blue with frustration, due to my lack of Photoshop knowledge.

Well I kinda like my avatar and have been imagining myself on Pandora :)

navi avatar
Oe tsun stum plltxe na'vi!