Monday, August 29, 2011

Jar of Hearts

There have been a handful of purchases from my Etsy shop and I'm incredibly thankful and grateful for the love. This duo is heading to Victoria tomorrow :)

Gentle blossoms, sold 28 August 2011
Gentle Blossoms @

I haven't painted since returning to full time work in June and am feeling quite guilty about that. I have however been getting back to playing the piano, so technically, I'm still being creative. And when I'm being creative, I'm happy *beam*

For most, a car would be their first big purchase. I always knew that I wanted to spend my first pay cheque on a piano, a baby grand, to be specific. When the time came, I couldn't justify spending big on a baby grand, and it wouldn't fit in the tiny unit I was renting anyway. I came across an Alex Steinbach, loved its sound, its shape, the glossy black; signed up for a 5-year repayment plan... and yes, I spent those years without a car :)

I've been hearing plenty of Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri on the radio and wanted do a cover of it. I love the energy, strength and raw emotion in the song, it's the kind of song that grabs at my heart and soul when I play it on the piano. Oh and I totally love the desaturated music video

I use piano notes and guitar tabs as a guide only, as I'm too impatient to read piano scores and play them exactly as they're written. No two songs I play are ever exactly the same as I make the notes up as I go along. I let my fingers do the talking and I get to surprise myself every time! So here's my take on the song, complete with slip ups.
Because there is nothing wrong with imperfection. 

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