Monday, March 12, 2012


I love Pirates of the Caribbean. 
I especially love Captain Jack Sparrow's wit and charm.

And now I've totally taken notice of the movie's theme song. 

Came across this video the other day; my jaw dropped and my heart stopped. Mind-blowingly amazing. My favourite comment on the video - "his ass plays better than me". You'll see ...

I was so amazed by this that I couldn't wait to try it out myself. So I put this video on loop for ages, then paused and played it repeatedly in order to learn it by ear. I also found the option to play it in slow mo. Total godsend. Seriously, why have I never learned songs this way? The visual really sped up the learning process. Fully recommend it.

I managed to get to the 1 minute mark and I really don't have the energy to go any further without piano scores. So here is my attempt at half the song...obviously I didn't hit as many notes as Radnich did, but I enjoyed playing it at speed. Mum always said that I play the piano as if I'm chasing a train :D

There are a few sticking keys, very frustrating. The paddle also makes a clicking sound so I sprayed it with WD-40, which in hindsight, I shouldn't have done. hmm.

I'd gladly offer piano notes to those wanting to try my version of the song, but this is all I got. *ahem* *sideway glance*

pirates of the caribbean piano scores, dabblelicious style
I was never a fan of music theory, the stave, notations and such.

So if anyone knows anyone who knows anyone who might have the piano scores, may I please have a copy?

: )

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