Thursday, January 27, 2011

Typewriter Series

About six months ago, I was trawling Ebay for an Eames ornament and that was when I was bitten by the typewriter bug. 

I saw a listing for an old typewriter and every nostalgic bone in my body was screaming for me to get one. I wondered whether I could use a typewriter to make artwork, combining three of my many loves: 
vintage, words and paint. 

Apparently Olympia typewriters would be up to the task as they're built to last, have particularly smooth mechanics and can handle thicker paper. So I was on the hunt. I came across some beautiful collectibles during my search, favourites being:
  • white-grey Olivetti Valentine
  • shiny black Groma Kolibri
  • baby blue two-tone Royal Safari
  • any typewriter in turquoise

By December, I had finally found my fine piece of German engineering, an Olympia SF. It arrived on Christmas Eve :)


I'm in love with everything about it, from its textured beige paint, dark grey keys and handsome decal, to its delicate typebars, touches of chrome and cute little levers. Seeing its serial number for the first time felt like I had just discovered the new sliced bread. I like that it's low profile and unassuming...hence the name SF - it stands for "Super Flat". 

Ok I lie. It stands for Schreibmaschine Flach which translates to "Flat Typewriter" ;)

When I'm typing, my words mesh with the click-clacks and occasional 'ping' and the romanticism of writing returns. I wonder what stories it could tell about the fingertips that once graced its keys. There are chips in the paint and the case is cracked, making it all the more alluring. It's QWERTY-er than my Mac. Its font amuses me. This antiquated machine makes me feel like an old school retro geek and I can't. stop. gushing!

The Olympia SF stepped up to the plate and produced my Typewriter series on Etsy. I have more ideas for it and I'm sure it's looking forward to the challenge.


And in case you're wondering, yes, typewriter ribbons are still 
being made :)

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