Saturday, April 23, 2011

Avatar series

Oel ngati kameie

Ok I'm back on track after Avatarising myself

I watched the lengthy movie twice in the last few days and picked out some scenes and characters for my Avatar Series on Etsy. That was the easy part.

Painting them was quite a challenge. None of them were turning out as I envisioned and the unpredictability of watercolour didn't help either. I'm pleasantly surprised at the end result though. *beam*

avatarised palette
Avatarised palette

Random thought: I think it's pretty cool that the Na'vi are blue, since the term Avatar is often associated with the blue-skinned Hindu God Vishnu.

Some lol material, Avahontas anyone?
Yes the storyline has been done to death in lots of movies but it's still a spectacular piece of filmmaking with amazing special effects. 

Bring on Avatar 2 :)

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