Tuesday, April 26, 2011

These boots are made for riding

At 6.17pm on 7th April, I drove away from Avonlea Farm Riding School with a heavy heart, I've just had my tenth and final riding lesson and will really miss spending Thursday evenings out in Darlington with Mac (horse), Tiff (trainer) and Amelia (fellow student). I'll also miss the five animals that I enjoy stumbling across - Chippy and Spike (cats), Penny (the hilarious goat), Bronte (kangaroo) and Sausage (dog). 


The sun sets earlier these days and unlike in the past couple of months, I'm no longer blinded for most of the drive home.

10th March, 6.18pm
10 March, 6.18pm

7th April, 6.18pm
7 April, 6.18pm


I look forward to riding again but for now, my jodhpurs and boots will be put away indefinitely...

Dublin boots

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