Saturday, May 21, 2011

Spotty galore!

Since my early twenties, I've felt that something epic will happen when I'm 32. 11 months into this mystical age, I wondered whether that was just a number I pulled out of thin air. On Sunday night, it became apparent that this is the age when I finally get the dreaded chicken pox. I've been vaccinated for goodness sake! 

I had (well, still have) nearly 90 spots, about half of those were ugly and itchy. I'm still putting up with acne and now this? The body refuses to grow up, probably because the mind hasn't :) But really, this is taking the young-at-heart thing too far.

My sleep was interrupted by crazy dreams, I lost my appetite and I desperately wanted to destroy every mirror in the house.

On Tuesday night, I gave in. Mum had given me a list of herbal things to drink and my sister offered to track them down the next day. The care package that arrived at my door had herbs and so much more... vegetables, tea, honey, jelly and popsicles! *beam* 

I got the stove fired up faster than you can say 'Masterchef' and I had pots of potions brewing away while I munched on bitter melon. 
Here's a look at the weird and wonderful:

Scary caterpillars ;)

Chrysanthemum flower
Delicate chrysanthemum

Rock sugar
Rock sugar to help wash it all down

That evening, the fever and headaches were all but gone and only a couple of stubborn spots were itching. Yay to no more waking up at 3am to pop antihistamines! Double yay to having chinese physicians in the family :)


When I was little, mum always made a 'special' spinach porridge (congee) when I had a long illness. It was gross green and yucky mushy but I loved it because it was what Popeye ate to make himself strong again. Today, I was hoping to replicate it and failed, no surprise really. Didn't look anything like it. Didn't taste anything like it. Bleah.

Spinach jungle
Popeye food

The cat has been especially attentive throughout my ordeal...nawwww

attentive miles

I'm getting to the scabbing stage now. I scar easily and badly so I'm prepared for the worst. There's already a hole next to my nose. Having googled "how to fix pox scar", it appears there's nothing one can do about a hole in the face. Ah well, I try to tell myself that it's only skin. 
Life must go on, craters and all.


Katherine said...

So happy for you :) I am a total believer in Chinese medicine...I also drink tea with those flowers for my skin!

elaine said...

get well soon !
mmm... i don't think I have chicken pox yet! oh dear! :)

dabblelicious said...

@Katherine: I'm a total convert now, gonna track down that chinese medicine shop very soon! By the way, totally envious of your J.Crew eyelet shorts. OMG. want!

dabblelicious said...

@Elaine: Have you had the vaccine? I had no idea that complications from adult pox can be incredibly serious.

SILVIA said...

love your style!!!
congratulations honey!
xxx =D

dabblelicious said...

@Silvia: Thanks, and you have fabulous photos!