Thursday, June 2, 2011

Proportion, proportion, proportion

I enjoy reading fashion blogs and in celebration of that, here's my first outfit post :)

I'm 5 foot tall (or short) and I don't mind being tiny, except that finding clothes that fit well can be exhausting. There's a misconception that clothing sized extra-extra small solves all; well XXS has more to do with weight and width. What I really need is Petite sizing, which is based on height and proportion. Many brands are catching on to this but unfortunately for me, petite sizes cater for those 5'4" and under, so most of my clothes still have to be drastically altered. In many cases, I need more than just sleeves and hems shortened, but that pretty much involves remaking the piece and it's just not feasible.

Due to these challenges, I tend to shop online and only purchase discounted items, to allow for alteration costs. If I find a basic piece that fits well, I'll get it in a few colours...I have some basics that are 15 years old and still going strong! I'm also forced to be creative and to get as many different looks as I can out of what I have. And once in a while, I'll splurge on a classic, timeless piece :)

Last week, I won tickets to see Dave Thornton at Artbar and wanted to wear something bright and cheerful to the gig. I got home from work and quickly threw this together. The nights are starting to get cold!

I love anything arty so the venue was perfect. Joel Creasey was thoroughly entertaining and provided a fabulous start to the night. Dave's show "A Different Type of Normal" was hilarious...anyone who can go on about typeface and fonts, complete with props, gets points from me. 
He had me at Helvetica!

outfit a

outfit b


Jacket: Portmans
Scarf: Ebay
Top: Witchery tank in Burnt Orange
Belt: random store in Malaysia
Jeans: Siwy
Boots: Costume National


Gaby de Modacapital said...

I love your redjacket and your look!

dabblelicious said...

@Gaby: Thanks hun!