Friday, September 2, 2011

Spring in my step

Had an accidental sleep-in this morning, but still made it to work in good time. A surprise morning tea was just what I needed :)

Corica apple strudel

At lunch, I enjoyed some pretty, crumbly, melty, sugary macarons from Brownhaus, in the 2 brightest colours available. A good friend offered encouragement, advice and understanding while I sipped on amazing dutch coffee.


Admired the Perth skyline as I headed back to work. Seriously, how gorgeous can this city be? It's sunny, sky is blue, grass is green and I can practically hear the first cherry blossoms bursting into blooms.


That night, I went to meet Alfred Dwight, a young tabby adopted from Cat Haven and a new addition to a family of four (two humans and two 10 year old kitties). He is such a pretty boy, has a healthy streak of ADHD and is utterly loveable. Cannot wait to babysit the three kitties next month!

better known as Alfie

I was fed a hearty home cooked meal of Sri Lankan chicken curry, dahl, veggies and paratha. My friends spoil me to bits :)


milesIt was a tough day at work and storm clouds eventually rolled in, followed by heavy rain. 
But nothing can dampen this first day of spring. 

A cuddle-filled night and lying next to this purring machine, I am feline the love.

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