Sunday, January 22, 2012

Chinese New Year

In an attempt to be a good Chinese daughter, I rang the folks this morning and cheerily wished them a Happy Chinese New Year (after mentally deciding against trying to pronounce Gong Xi Fa Chai, Wan Shi Ru Yi).

That was met with silence, followed by "umm, it's not New Year yet..."

I cringe yet again at my un-Chineseness and wonder why I haven't been disowned.

Well we kept chatting anyway and here are some good parts of the convo to help me forget the naggy and disapproving bits heee :)

Me: so what are you both planning to get up to today?
Mum: cleaning and sorting. Just told your father to sort out his wardrobe.
Me: but you've both been sick for weeks, just rest and get better
Dad: [in the background] yah, *indistinct mumbling* *giggles*

Mum: I've been feeling dizzy
Me: oh. hmmm
Mum: yah hmmm
Me: maybe it's due to low sugar levels
Mum: I've always had high sugar
Me: yeah I know, but it could be low sug....
Mum: no no I've always had high sugar
Me: ok
Mum: I think I've been playing too much computer games

This somehow reminded me of some screen shots that my sister took in 2010. This is what we often have to deal with when on Skype with the parents:

skype snapshot1
no faces

skype snapshot2
Mum pretending to listen but her eyes are on the TV. Dad forgets we are here

skype snapshot3
They eventually become fully engrossed in the tv show, discussing the plot and such

Well being Chinese New Year and all, I wanted to get in the spirit and put up some pics from earlier in 2011 when the folks were in Perth. They were showing us kids how to make lanterns using red packets / ang pows :)

mum extraordinaire

mum and dad

all a-foldin

chinese lanterns and baskets
Happy Chinese New Year + Year of the Dragon!

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