Sunday, March 27, 2011

Cherry Blossom Series

cherry blossom

I have two favourite ornamental flowering trees - the jacaranda, and this, the cherry blossom.

Its flowers are pretty, delicate and striking against the dark trunk. When it isn't flowering, the tree is just as gorgeous with its deep purply red leaves.

cherry blossom leaves

They've been associated with the fleeting nature of life, mortality and renewal. As I create my Cherry Blossom Series, my thoughts are with those affected by recent devastating floods, bushfires, earthquakes and tsunamis.

And a little haiku is in order:
pretty pink blossom
blooms despite adversity
as does the spirit

I keep a painting close by to remind me of how lucky and blessed I am, and to trust in the power of my own spirit.

miles blossoms
Miles is a fan too :)


Aurelia said...

Cherry blossoms are the best!!! =)

dabblelicious said...

They certainly are babe, these cherry blossoms were from your street :)