Friday, March 11, 2011

One eyed bandit

trail rideAfter nearly falling off a horse twice during last week's riding lesson, I'm really glad that this week's lesson is an easy, cruisy trail ride. This is my third trail ride and my second on Mac, my favourite.

I love horses, I think that they're powerful, intelligent and majestic. I love that I was born in the year of the Horse...wouldn't want to be any other animal in the horoscope :)

Mac is a handsome 15.2hh standardbred gelding. He has a shiny brown coat and a faint star marking between the eyes. He can sense that I'm nervous and tense (mostly due to my fear of heights and fear of anything bigger than I am) and he's always patient and careful with me. 

gentle giant
gentle giant


We see a mob of kangaroos frolicking in the fields. It's just incredible to ride among the trees and shrubs in gorgeous Darlington. The heat of the day has gone and there's now a constant, fresh breeze. 

Mac negotiates the slopes and ditches expertly and although he slipped a few times on loose rocks, he regains his balance before I can let out a scream.




When we get back, I brush him and tell him how wonderful and amazing he is (it's a bonding thing) while he chows down a well-deserved meal.

I love Mac. He's blind in one eye and I trust him completely.

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