Saturday, June 11, 2011

Pamper sesh

salonI purchased a discount voucher for a hair pamper pack at Element Aveda Concept in Subiaco and have been looking forward to it since making my appointment in January. My hair is in bad shape and today couldn't come soon enough.

At the salon, my session started with a Blue Oil head and shoulder massage. The scent from the oil was completely unexpected; it was an instant pick me up and the massage melted the week's stresses away. Glorious.

Next, hair colour. I wanted a warm yummy chocolatey colour for winter so on it went. Half an hour later, I plonked myself on the shampoo chair. Well it was more like a massaging lounge chair, I was nearly reclining and didn't have to crank my neck back very much at all. Here's the best bit...the scalp conditioning treatment/massage went on for what seemed like forEVER. Bliss.
By then I realised that my parking ticket would expire before I'm done here...well I thought that allowing for 2 hours was plenty. Anyway, I was having too much fun to worry about that. My hair was swiftly and expertly cut (I got my fringe back, yay!) and I had a hand massage at the end of that. Incredible.
new hair resize copy
blurry shine

Today, sitting in front of a mirror for nearly 3 hours, I realised that I no longer give myself grief over my imperfections and flaws, perceived or otherwise. I still whinge about them but instead of wishing that they weren't this or that, I now tell myself that sure, it sucks balls but it could be way worse. As my makeup was touched up at the end of the session, I say a little thank you for concealer and bright lipstick :)

I stepped out onto the stylish streets of Subi and lap up the winter sun. Man I love Perth winters!

oh hi there, parking fine.


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