Saturday, June 18, 2011


Today was grey, rainy and dreary, perfect for a warming brunch, followed by a trip to a new-found creative space. I whipped out the piggy scarf for a bit of playfulness :)

piggy scarf
Scarf: Ebay
: Supre

I love brekky/brunch at That Little Mexican Place. Today I had cafe de olla, churros con chocolate, some chorizo, and finished off with jalapenos rellenos. 

mexican brunch
tasted amazing. apologies re grainy mobile pics

The coffee is sweetened and steamed milk is available on the side, cute! The churros come with 3 dipping sauces...strawberry, caramel and favourite was strawberry (surprisingly) and I licked that clean ;) Jalapenos for breakfast? I'm a chili freak, chili freak, chilly freaky *to the tune of Super Freak*.

Then a visit to Venn, a shop + cafe & bar + gallery + studio.


This used to be an old factory, so naturally, I'm in love with the combination of brick walls, steel beams, wooden floorboards and concrete. 

Industrial architecture genius:
The shop area is slightly raised and features an expansive glass wall
Up some wooden stairs, a gallery where exhibitions are held
Glass panels provide a glimpse of studios on the lower level
Down the back, a bar and cafe with access to the roof terrace


The shop is filled with the interesting and innovative. Many goodies pulled at my heartstrings but I couldn't justify letting go of my purse strings.

fever tree soda
hardly a winter-appropriate drink :)

The bar and cafe is grey and modern, yet had a nice amount of warmth. 

And even though I could only peer into the artist studios, it was oozing creative energy and I hope that some of it rubbed off on me :) 

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