Monday, September 12, 2011

Fine & dandy

Woke up today to find two artworks from my Dandelion series have sold, these are off to Alabama, USA :) Just yesterday I was standing in my backyard, in despair about my dandelion jungle. Not for long though, I then had a good ol' time blowing at all the seeds and sending them into the air; was very ethereal and woodsprite-ish. 

Oriental Dandy mark
Oriental Dandy

Simply Dandy mark
Simply Dandy

fruit toast and capI had my coffee hit at The Imp with super thick cut fruit toast and a generous supply of spread-friendly butter. 

I sat at the bar, looking out onto the cappuccino strip. This spot is excellent for people watching but no, I brought a magazine with me...I've always craved reading material when I eat. 

On my left was a fresh-faced girl in her early twenties and on my right, an equally gorgeous older lady, kinda Helen Mirren-like. I was sporting a china doll fringe and bright red lips, I was thinking we made that breakfast bar look quirky cool :)

The young girl is from Mauritius and is studying nutrition. She said that I looked familiar and asked if I hung out at My Place. I'm thinking I could check that place out next time I feel like a lychee martini.

When Helen Mirren's breaky arrived, OMG order envy! Wild mushrooms and goats cheese feta on turkish bread, with avocado on the side. She was very happy with her order and said that she particularly likes the feta. I said I particularly like that the turkish bread is served in the shape of a love heart. Her face lit up even more and I felt like I totally made a difference in her life. Ha.

In the afternoon, an experimental jam session with Moona. I like what we came up with, considering it's our first go with the song and we didn't have to try too hard.

Oh and helloooo there. What have we here. Another food pic. Curry laksa. Hit the spot. Like totally.

Curry laksa

Another darn good Sunday


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Chinwei said...

thanks :)

skippysays said...

Congratulations- the dandelions are beautiful :) And I love laksa!

Chinwei said...

Cheers Inna, I hope you can find good laksa where you are!

Ly said...

The dandelions are beautiful. I really want one too!!


Chinwei said...

Sweet message Ly, thanks for stopping by!