Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Fabulous fabulous day!

The day started with a makeup workshop. I dabbed, blended, shaded and contoured with at least 20 products and 10 brushes till my eyes were smokey and the last of my blemishes (and face, for that matter) disappeared. I love the look but doubt I'd have the patience to perfect it. So much work just to look effortlessly put together!


I headed around the corner to Vans Cafe, one of my favourite places for brekky. My latte was a little weak but that was probably best considering I haven't had coffee in weeks. I tend to order the oddest thing on the menu and decided pretty quickly to go for the roast stuffed fig + gorgonzola + pancetta from their lunch menu.

Knew it was going to be pretty, and it was :)


Van's CafeOne fig was stuffed with gorgonzola and the other was red, springy and juicy, both roasted to perfection. 

The stuffed fig was oozing cheesy goodness. The salty pancetta was half-crispy-half-soft and I thought that was a really nice touch.

The other fig was sweet, with a slight zingy-ness and it was a joy to crunch on the tiny seeds. 

Together with the fennel fronds, coriander and micro herbs, they held a party in my mouth ;)

The atmosphere was very pleasant, with the air filled with laughter and lively chatter.

Lunch was followed by a bit of exploring...

Pretty things

And on the way home, a quick stop at a much-loved spot.

Boat house

A few hours later, it was time for the customary Chinese New Year eve reunion dinner...

Reunion dinner

And to top it all off, fresh typewriter ink arrived today :)

Typewriter ink

I always wish for fabulous days and occasionally, I get an epic one!

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