Monday, February 28, 2011


110227 Snow
Heatwaves and intense sunlight make for great photos.
It occurred to me that I have yet to touch snow. I used to scrape ice from our green Kelvinator during hot and humid days, I'd watch the ice melt in my hands and pretend that I was in Siberia.

It's still ridiculously hot here and I feel like I'm being deep-fried and liquefied at the same time.

Things are either blistering, sticky or sweaty.

Yesterday I was furiously fanning myself with a brochure and spilled coffee on my white shorts...a few emphatic smiles from cafe goers made it all better.

I was about to mention another unfortunate incident but nevermind that... 

it just rained! un-friggin-believable! 
3 minutes of reprieve. The air smells of musty soil but it's fabulous, water fell from the sky and right now, it's the closest thing to snow!

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