Thursday, February 10, 2011


So the folks arrived on Monday for a 3-month visit.
That night, mum asked if we could go "marketing" a.k.a. grocery shopping, so that she could start cooking amazing meals for us. 

Well Perth is a little behind the times in terms of extended trading hours, but my sister recalls hearing about Spud Shed. It sits on Federal land and isn't subject to the State's trading hour laws, so it gets to stay open 24/7. 

We searched for this magical place and found it in Jandakot, seemingly in the middle of nowhere.

Spud Shed, Jandakot

There were ridiculous amounts of fruit

and plenty of chlorophyll-ed veggies :)
asparagus and chlorophyll

It was meaty and cheesy
meatiness and cheesiness

and nuts were scoop-a-licious
cashew scoop-a-licious-ness

I saw Halloween-ness
pumpkin halloween-ness

 And jaundice-ness
carrot jaundice-ness

 I liked the uniformity
milk uniformity

and raw rusticness
onion crate rusticness

Dad and sis were taking turns posing with and pushing this giant shopping trolley
shopping trolley

And mum was busy picking all the goodies to fill it

This all happened after 10pm, long after most shops have shut. 
We had a ball!

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